REZZ stars in TIDAL’s mini-doc, ‘The Alien Behind The Goggles’

REZZ stars in TIDAL’s mini-doc, ‘The Alien Behind The Goggles’Rezz Tidal 1

Ahead of her album listening party at Magic Castle, REZZ sat with TIDAL to briefly disclose to not precisely where the inspiration came into the Certain Kind Of Magic album, nonetheless based on her come-up, and historic consequences.

REZZ was vocal about her broad range of musical taste, and reiterates this at the assembly, mentioning her love to get pop-punk (Green Day, Bring Me The Horizon, My Chemical Romance) and deadmau5 concerning the electronic ending. As she fondly reminisces about her ancient festival-going days, the stunt wedges a photo of REZZ posing at an event perched an massive Skrillex perler around her throat.

“I was involved.

Twitter has specify a choice of moments in REZZ&rsquo. She recounts the afternoon Skrillex followed her into the stage, and messaged her asking her to keep him in the loop.

She highlights how she utilizes her interaction with lovers on Twitter permitting them feel connected with ldquo & her. ” REZZ says her lovers attributing her quixotic nicknames on Twitter for example “magician and magician,” led into the motif getting the attention of the album.

Since she can recall back to her musical history, she recalls that though she never discovered notion or desired any instruction she exhibited an aptitude for rhythm. She cites a work out from school where players tried to mimic rsquo & every other;s drum combined with how she mirrored the children rsquo &; cords.

The doc is available for anybody utilizing TIDAL subscriptions. 

Watch REZZ at Red Rocks October 13th

Photo Credit: Philip Prolo

From the archive: When a 1968 crowd trashed Red Rocks over a canceled Aretha Franklin concert

Aretha Franklin, the “Queen of Soul,” is known for inspiring awe, motivating listeners to dance, and — on at least one occasion in Colorado — sparking a riot.

On Aug. 4, 1968, Franklin was scheduled to perform a Sunday night concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. But she went on stage to announce that she would not be performing because she hadn’t been paid by the program’s impresario, according to Denver Post archives.

Denver Post via Getty Images

About 200 people in the audience stormed the stage, destroying chairs, music stands, a grand piano, footlights, electronic equipment and anything else they could get their hands on. Bottles and rocks were thrown onstage. Metal trash barrels were rolled down the grandstand.

As police moved in, people went into the surrounding park, setting fire to trees, bushes and trash. Despite the chaos, there was little fighting and no one was injured. Three people were arrested, and that was because they were suspected of stealing electronic equipment.

The riot resulted in a one-year ban on rock shows at the venue, according to the Denver Public Library.

Per Franklin’s contract, she was to be paid $20,000 before the performance, according to the original Post story. The New Yorker reportedd that Franklin always demanded to be paid in cash on the spot or she would not go onstage. The cash would go into her handbag, which would either stay with her security team or come on stage with her. The reason: She grew up in an era when Ray Charles and B.B. King would get ripped off, according to The New Yorker.

Franklin, the woman behind classics “Think,” “I Say a Little Prayer” and “Respect,” died Thursday morning in Detroit at the age of 76 after battling advanced pancreatic cancer.

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The top EDM DJs Net Worth – Marshmello, Martin Garrix

EDM DJs Net Worth By now, we’re familiar with Forbes’ Listing of EDM Cash Kings.

Each year, Forbes tallies up the highest paid DJs. However, that’s just 1 year of information. What about our beloved EDM DJs’ net worth? In other words, just how much money are they got as a whole?

We adore our favorites such as Steve Aoki and Hardwell no matter how much money they’re value. However, it’s pretty interesting to learn how nicely they’ve been doing financially.

EDM DJs Net Worth Marshmello

So we’ve ranked some of our beloved EDM DJs by their net worth! Take a look at the list

#1. Calvin Harris — $190 Million

No surprises here. Calvin Harris is consistently topping the lists of highest-paid DJs, so all that money has to add up.

Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa – One Kiss (Official Video)


#2. Tiesto — $150 million


Tiesto is referred to as the “Godfather of EDM. ” He’s been creating music for decades now, so he’s another non-surprising entry to the record of highest EDM DJ net worths.


#3. Swedish House Mafia — $100 million

They may have gone their separate ways, however, the sum of money the fellas of Swedish House Mafia made nonetheless speaks volumes.


#4. Avicii — $85 million

Avicii isn’t even touring anymore, but he’s releasing music. Considering how diehard the young producer’s fans are, he probably won’t slow down anytime soon


#5. David Guetta — $75 million

David Guetta is a tiny bit contentious. Some folks find his music to be pretty derivative and phone him a sell-out. Still, he’s obviously still promoting.

#6. Steve Aoki — $75 million

What’s not to love about Steve Aoki? This guy hustles big moment. He almost never stops doing, whether it’s through a Vegas residency or a brand new documentary.


#7. Afrojack — $60 million

Afrojack is among those DJs who worked with the right people at the right moment. His career took off early due to collaborations with Pitbull, Beyonce and Ne-Yo.


#8. Armin Van Buuren — $55 million


Armin Van Buuren is among those DJs who’s attained into the sphere of critical acclaim as well as fan praise. He’s ever trance artist to earn a Grammy nomination, which he nabbed for “This Is What It Feels Like” at 2014.


#9. Deadmau5 — $53 million

He’s most likely the crankiest EDM DJ out there, but his net worth shows that fans love him.


#10. Kaskade — $50 million

Kaskade helped to revive innovative house music around 2009 in the United States. Since That Time, he’s been rocking out at Ultra and lots of other festivals, that are helping increase up his net worth

#11. Skrillex — $45 million

Can Skrillex also need an introduction? We’re actually surprised his net worth isn’t higher given how famous that this EDM DJ is. Then again, his distinctive appearance might help contribute to his notoriety.


#12. Zedd — $35 million

EDM DJs Net Worth Zedd

Zedd is only 28 years old, which he’s got lots of time to maximize his net worth. He primarily works on electro house music but has lately been diversifying.


#13. Alesso — $30 million

Alesso used to operate here and there using Swedish House Mafia, to help establish his career. But he’s because was a force on his own. He earned a Grammy nomination for his OneRepublic remix “If I Lose Myself. ”

#14. Axwell — $30 million

Speaking of Swedish House Mafia, Axwell was a part of the trio together with Sebastian Ingrosso along with Steve Angello. Of those three, he’s gone to get arguably the most prosperous solo career. At least in regards to internet worth, that’s.


#15. Diplo — $26 million

Diplo is sort of sneaky at the sense that he sometimes goes under the radar. Mainstream music listeners might not realize that he’s behind the creation of their favourite pop tunes. He’s worked on collaborative projects like Jack Ü and Major Lazer.

#16. Hardwell — $23 million

EDM DJs Net Worth Hardwell

Hardwell’s got crazy skills. Hailing from the Netherlands, he’s got a radio show and record label under his belt. He’s a festival heavy-hitter, that is likely where his large net value is coming from.


#17. Martin Garrix — $22 million

He’s only 21 years old, however, Martin Garrix has charmed the world.  This season, he announced his new Ibiza residency.


#18. Marshmello — $21 million

He’s relative newcomer, however Marshmello is rapidly climbing in the ranks. He left nearly all of his whole fortune in just 1 year.

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Matt Lange of mau5trap Recordings Proves to be a Reputable Name in the Techno Scene

Image result for Matt Lange

Photo credit Matt Lange

Following a Suitable Sunday set at Beta Nightclub last weekend in Denver, the Los Angeles-based Musician, producer, DJ, along with composer, Matt Lange proves to be a more Respectable presence in the American scene. He has defied categorization throughout his profession; outfitted with an instinctual ear for music production and an insatiable drive to learn more about the aural spectrum. As a youthful Manhattan native, Matt Lange discovered his passion for music early on. At four decades of age, he discovered piano at six, joined a choir; along with as a teen, stomped off his own route with a guitar along with the aid of a metallic band. Exposed into the ineffable sounds of Aphex Twin and Nine Inch Nails, at 15, he divided to the area of music production. Fascinated with all the boundless possibilities, he eventually took to Boston’s esteemed Berklee College of Music to refine his talents under a composition-based music production and sound design major.

An adept producer from the start, the start of Lange’s journey breaking into digital music has been no small feat. Working alongside multi-instrumentalist and manufacturer BT, Matt Lange obtained his first charge co-producing the album All Of the Hopeful Machines, earning him a Grammy Award-nomination in 2011.

It wasn’t long until his musings directed him to make a techno track that would get him noticed by one of the toughest critics of the genre: Deadmau5.

In 2015, he also released his debut album Ephemera on mau5trap Recordings, rightfully helping champion the influential label’s directional shift towards darker, techno, and underground-tipped sounds. His follow-up album Patchwork came in 2016, exposing that the unwritten principles of the electronic era by diving even deeper into metal synth roots under a modern digital translation, placing his raw, textured noise on a grade untouched by other manufacturers in his realm.

Matt Lange is a staple of mau5trap’so remarkable “next-gen” roll and continues to transform dance floors into hedonistic, aural adventures with his performances across esteemed venues like Output, Audio Nightclub, Ministry of Sound, Coda, Kingdom and at events including Insomniac’s Factory 93, TomorrowWorld, SXSW, Mixmag’s Laboratory, and much more.

Now grab Matt Lange using ATTLAS representing mau5trap Recordings at the LA Lab.

Catch Matt Lange this August 8, 2018 at La Cave, Costa Mesa because we celebrate their 10th year anniversary and his birthday .

Keep up with all Matt Lange:

Facebook Official Website SoundCloud

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The Glitch Mob Inspires with Exclusive Interview, New Album and Documentary

Photo Credit : The Glitch Mob

The set of musicians known as The Glitch Mob are located out of Los Angeles, CA. Josh “Ooah”, Justin “Boreta”, and Ed “edIT” came together about the West Coast in 2006 (with previous member Kraddy) and are currently on tour promoting their latest album, “See Without Eyes”.

Their global expansion in the West was unavoidable and we could catch their inspirational show at Electric Forest this past year.

Sherwood Court — Photo Credit : The Glitch Mob

Electric Forest is an yearly festival that’s held in Rothbury, Michigan during the past 2 weekends of June. The atmosphere there is nothing short of magnificent and magical. FOUR complete festival days every weekend includes Michigan around the map as the #1 Hot Spot to be the time of year. To test out what our Forest experience was like, thoughts HERE.

Sherwood Court — Photo Credit : The Glitch Mob

In the Sherwood Court point, the environment was mellow and spacious, place into a grass field surrounded by towering trees that illuminated with shining lights since the sun set from the forest. It was here where The Glitch Mob sent out their good vibes for all attendees that were fortunate enough to catch this amazing set.

Electric Forest — Photo Credit : The Glitch Mob

We have the interior of the Glitch Mob says about acting on tour, how they make decisions in their craft as a team, what they listen to when they aren’t doing into the masses, their new album and recently innovative music generation rig.

As you read , listen to a carefully curated playlist of this talented group; here you will discover tunes from The Glitch Mob’s newest album, “See Without Eyes”, in addition to a number of their infamous remixes including my own favorite, The White Stripes — Seven Nation Army. You will also find the The Glitch Mob’s new album along with an exciting documentary at the end of our interview.

When playing a series, is there ever a moment where the track record varies dependent on the vibe of this audience?

We play like a conventional band where the set list doesn’t even change depending on the vibe. We ride the energy of this space more in our performance compared to choice.

Do you favor playing your shows or do you enjoy playing for a festival audience?

They’re powerful in their own ways.

What is your favorite festival to play dependent on the vibes of this audience?

Each festival has its own unique magic. We love the ones with a solid nature presence.

What do you listen to when you aren’t playing or creating your music?

Leftfield hip hop, ambient audio, dub reggae, house and techno.

Do all you like to listen to the same tunes while on tour or do you every have cans handy to follow music privately?

We do both. There’s pre-show ritual of listening to a person prior to going on stage including Collie Buddz “Blind to you ” so to find the vibe moving. In addition, we spend a good deal of time in cans meditating and with alone time.

Just how long did it take to make “The Blade”?

Around a year.

View this brand new motivational documentary,” The Glitch Mob: Behind the Blade and catch a sneak peek into one of the most technical reside performance rigs that you’ll ever see.


Blade — Photo Credit : The Glitch Mob

Do you think that this creation is something that will catch on when it comes to other people or bands playing for a bunch?

We expect that people are motivated to play music in fresh and interesting ways.

How can you really know when a song is truly completed?

They really are. You just have to know when to call it and move on, to concede into the procedure.

What is the determining factor for tunes making it on to a new album?

It’s all about the feeling. We go off of emotion, vibe, and story. We ask, “does the song help tell the story? ” And then go off of intuition.

To bring the cherry cherry on top, feast your ears The Glitch Mob’s published album, “See Without Eyes”.

Stay informed about The Glitch Mob’s next goes by following them on their societal media handles linked below.

Follow The Glitch Mob: Facebook | SoundCloud | Official Website

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