New Colorado Music You Should Know — August Edition

It’s the last month of summer, but that doesn’t mean that Denver musicians have stopped churning out hot new music. We have a list of talented up-and-coming locals you’ll need to checkout like Alyssa Dané, catchy new songs you won’t want to miss like Kayla Rae’s “Practice” and new visuals from Swank Sinatra, DJ Zenas and more.

Five Up-and-Coming Local Artists
Alyssa Dané

Alyssa Dané is a singer, songwriter and poet from Colorado. She recently released a song titled “I See You” which details the feelings that come with finding out the true colors of your loved ones. Her voice is strong and melodic and mixes perfectly with the slow and electronic production of the song. Find her music here.

Thousand Frames

Thousand Frames is a hard-rock band based out of Denver. Their sound combines heavy drums and guitars with guttural screams as well as melodic harmonies, which creates a hard-rock sound with softer undertones. They are gearing up to release their second EP New Horizons at the Marquis on August 17, so head over and check out their new music and other local music.  Find their new music here.


Jaedawn is a rapper based in southern Colorado. He has a quick, catchy flow paired with unconventional and more pop-influenced production. If you’re looking for a song to get lit to before the club then bump his song “Dutch,” and you’ll be ready to dance, smoke a couple and hype up your friends. Keep an eye out for his debut EP dropping in September, and in the meantime find his music here.

Lost Aliens

Photo courtesy of Neon Cities on Facebook.

Neon Cities is an electronic duo from Denver. They released their debut EP In Waves last month and it has gone on to be streamed more than 35,000 times since then. If you like heavy synths, ’80s elements and dancey EDM then you’ll definitely vibe to this group. Find their music here.

Five New Local Songs
Kayla Rae–”Practice”

Photo courtesy of Ragwater on Facebook.

Ragwater is a rock band from southern Colorado with new music. Their song “Out Of My Hands” blends rock, soul and blues to create a song you can rock out to with fun guitar riffs and vibey rhythms. If you like headbanging and air-guitaring then you’ll definitely enjoy this song. Find the song here. 

Jeremy Mohney–”Fast Jam”

Instant Empire. Photos by Evan Semón Photography.

“Randy The Hammer” is a fun upbeat and wild song that delves into different genres. We get ’80s synths, pieces of saxophone and all-over-the-place rhythms. The ’80s vibes will keep you holding on to the little bit of summer we have left. Find the song here.

Five New Local Music Videos

Zanib’s video for “Shine” is a vibrant, uplifting and colorful and sure to put a smile on your face. The video showcases beautiful Denver scenery from stunning artwork, the shining sunlight and the fun Articulated Wall, all while the singer is dancing, smiling and bonding with friends. The song is full of women empowerment, bonding, creating community and uplifting those around you. Find here music here.

Swank Sinatra– “Boblo Boat Remix”

This is another video that will keep you in the summertime mindset with bright colors, outdoorsy scenery and summertime fashion. If you’re a stoner that likes to start the day off with a blunt or joint, you’ll relate and want to roll one up to this song. The song’s production, the frequently contrasting colors throughout the video, and lyrics of reminiscing will awaken your mind and energize you for the day. Find the song here.

m i n o r –”Fall Again”

The group m i n o r is an indie duo based in Denver. The video for “Fall Again” focuses on the intimacy of performing a song with deep and emotional content. We see the juxtaposition of light and dark as the video switches between day and night and the lyrics shift from being resilient to being afraid to fall into an old trap. Find their music here.

DJ Zenas – “Real One”

If the videos for “Baby Got Back” and “Anaconda” had a baby then DJ Zenas’s “Real One” would be the outcome. This video combines what’s popular in commercial rap like popping bottles, beautiful women shaking their asses, fat stacks of money, fast cars and a good time. Make sure to watch until the end for some laughs mixed with realness.  Find the song here.

Move Shake Pause Repeat – “His Fault, Her Fault, No Fault of My Fault”

Don’t let the smooth and sweet sounding music from this song breeze right past you, this song from Move Shake Pause Repeat has a very direct message for the audience. As the video begins we see a myriad of images, flashing past us in a kaleidoscopic fashion. At first, the images seem random and playful but as the song and music progress, we see the images are much like the content we notice as we sift through television channels. The video is a statement that shows us that if we let media and advertisement sneak under our noses, then we will allow them to obliviously influence us with our blissful ignorance. Find their music here.

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Local Colorado Live Music Performers see a concert in Denver

Get To Know The Local Artists Playing Velorama this weekend

Denver’s most bumping bike music festival, Velorama is right round the corner — bringing with it, three days of booze, bands and needless to say, bikes. Moving down August 17 to 19, this year’s festival will become headlined by none other than Matt and Kim, Modest Mouse and The Growlers. Though the lineup is topped with a solid set of actors, the genuine meat is located at the undercard, chalk filled with amazing regional bands which aren’t to be overlooked. This report serves as an introduction into the regional artists of Velorama, so that if the Monday afterward strikes, you can tell us told you so.

Tracksuit Wedding Velorama

Photo courtesy of Slow Caves’ Facebook Page

Rooted in woozy surf stone, Slow Caves is place to attract Velorama in the streets and onto the shore. Don’t be fooled however , these rockers can move from a chilled saunter of a jam to a rip-rolling barn burner at the blink of a eye. The band has performed all over the Nation, from Austin’s South By Southwest into Boise’s Treefort Festival, as well as toured with acts like DIIV and Cold War Kids. Ignore the festival Friday, Slow Caves will create kick work of transporting the audience into some sun-kissed bliss.

Brent Cowles Velorama

Photo from Kyle Cooper

What is there to say about Wildermiss who hasn’t already been said? As one for Denver’s bands leading the charge onto the mainstream, Wildermiss is a complete package of strong indie-rock. The foursome, certain to conjure semblances into the like Local Natives and Of Monsters and Men, attracts a special mixture of vulnerability and raw electricity to each point they perform on. Performing at Velorama, the band is driving a wave of momentum coming off a national tour that included a sold-out night at the Bluebird Theater. If they continue at the speed that they are, that knows, one day this band could possibly be a future headliner.

The full Velorama schedule and tickets can be found here.

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Illenium Live Band Performance Announced For Goldrush 2018

Arizona dance-music lovers, are you ready for something extra special?! Goldrush Music Festival 2018 at Chandler, Arizona is on the horizon and we’ve got among the most exciting announcements, however. Illenium will be playing a full set of his incredible record ‘Awake’! But that is not all.

He will also do it with the all-new live group for the first time ever! Prepare for a much wilder excursion back into the old-west this season when this rising phoenix hits the point with an insane new sound.

Gold Rush Arizona Tickets

Since 2008, melodic-mastermind Illenium is made waves in the dance music arena. Not only has he worked with the likes of Excision, however, he has produced remixes for Odesza in addition to lots of others. The release of his latest studio album ‘Awake’ shot right to the heart of lovers. A live band performance will turn out to be just the musical evolution that the record deserves.

In 2017, its fifth season, Goldrush Music Festival cemented itself as one of Arizona’s leading multi-day music festivals. It brought along a brand-new music festival experience and revised several genres for the unheard-of experience. In 2018, Goldrush is preparing to do that yet again, with announcements of Illenium’s live group, in addition to Deadmau5 bringing along his block.

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Illenium Tickets for all upcoming tour dates

The top EDM DJs Net Worth – Marshmello, Martin Garrix

EDM DJs Net Worth By now, we’re familiar with Forbes’ Listing of EDM Cash Kings.

Each year, Forbes tallies up the highest paid DJs. However, that’s just 1 year of information. What about our beloved EDM DJs’ net worth? In other words, just how much money are they got as a whole?

We adore our favorites such as Steve Aoki and Hardwell no matter how much money they’re value. However, it’s pretty interesting to learn how nicely they’ve been doing financially.

EDM DJs Net Worth Marshmello

So we’ve ranked some of our beloved EDM DJs by their net worth! Take a look at the list

#1. Calvin Harris — $190 Million

No surprises here. Calvin Harris is consistently topping the lists of highest-paid DJs, so all that money has to add up.

Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa – One Kiss (Official Video)


#2. Tiesto — $150 million


Tiesto is referred to as the “Godfather of EDM. ” He’s been creating music for decades now, so he’s another non-surprising entry to the record of highest EDM DJ net worths.


#3. Swedish House Mafia — $100 million

They may have gone their separate ways, however, the sum of money the fellas of Swedish House Mafia made nonetheless speaks volumes.


#4. Avicii — $85 million

Avicii isn’t even touring anymore, but he’s releasing music. Considering how diehard the young producer’s fans are, he probably won’t slow down anytime soon


#5. David Guetta — $75 million

David Guetta is a tiny bit contentious. Some folks find his music to be pretty derivative and phone him a sell-out. Still, he’s obviously still promoting.

#6. Steve Aoki — $75 million

What’s not to love about Steve Aoki? This guy hustles big moment. He almost never stops doing, whether it’s through a Vegas residency or a brand new documentary.


#7. Afrojack — $60 million

Afrojack is among those DJs who worked with the right people at the right moment. His career took off early due to collaborations with Pitbull, Beyonce and Ne-Yo.


#8. Armin Van Buuren — $55 million


Armin Van Buuren is among those DJs who’s attained into the sphere of critical acclaim as well as fan praise. He’s ever trance artist to earn a Grammy nomination, which he nabbed for “This Is What It Feels Like” at 2014.


#9. Deadmau5 — $53 million

He’s most likely the crankiest EDM DJ out there, but his net worth shows that fans love him.


#10. Kaskade — $50 million

Kaskade helped to revive innovative house music around 2009 in the United States. Since That Time, he’s been rocking out at Ultra and lots of other festivals, that are helping increase up his net worth

#11. Skrillex — $45 million

Can Skrillex also need an introduction? We’re actually surprised his net worth isn’t higher given how famous that this EDM DJ is. Then again, his distinctive appearance might help contribute to his notoriety.


#12. Zedd — $35 million

EDM DJs Net Worth Zedd

Zedd is only 28 years old, which he’s got lots of time to maximize his net worth. He primarily works on electro house music but has lately been diversifying.


#13. Alesso — $30 million

Alesso used to operate here and there using Swedish House Mafia, to help establish his career. But he’s because was a force on his own. He earned a Grammy nomination for his OneRepublic remix “If I Lose Myself. ”

#14. Axwell — $30 million

Speaking of Swedish House Mafia, Axwell was a part of the trio together with Sebastian Ingrosso along with Steve Angello. Of those three, he’s gone to get arguably the most prosperous solo career. At least in regards to internet worth, that’s.


#15. Diplo — $26 million

Diplo is sort of sneaky at the sense that he sometimes goes under the radar. Mainstream music listeners might not realize that he’s behind the creation of their favourite pop tunes. He’s worked on collaborative projects like Jack Ü and Major Lazer.

#16. Hardwell — $23 million

EDM DJs Net Worth Hardwell

Hardwell’s got crazy skills. Hailing from the Netherlands, he’s got a radio show and record label under his belt. He’s a festival heavy-hitter, that is likely where his large net value is coming from.


#17. Martin Garrix — $22 million

He’s only 21 years old, however, Martin Garrix has charmed the world.  This season, he announced his new Ibiza residency.


#18. Marshmello — $21 million

He’s relative newcomer, however Marshmello is rapidly climbing in the ranks. He left nearly all of his whole fortune in just 1 year.

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Rockies lack clutch hits, lose rubber game against Pirates at Coors Field

The road ahead looks daunting for the Rockies. Or perhaps it presents a prime opportunity.

It all depends on the point of view, as well as the Rockies’ batting average with runners in scoring position.

Manager Bud Black, of course, prefers to take the positive fork in the road as the Rockies open a crucial four-game series against the Dodgers on Thursday night at Coors Field.

“Isn’t it great?” Black said. “This is what I want to see every year here, playing these big games that matter.”

The problem is, the Rockies wasted a big opportunity Wednesday, losing 4-3 to Pittsburgh, the Rockies’ seventh loss in 10 games. The Rockies’ offense, again, failed to deliver in the clutch, going 1-for-8 with runners in scoring position.

Los Angeles moved three games ahead of Colorado in the National League West, pending the outcome of the Dodgers’ game at Oakland late Wednesday night.

After the Dodgers series, the Rockies play two games at Houston against the defending World Series champion Astros, then four games at Atlanta vs. the Braves, who are in the hunt for the National League East title.

Black might be one of the most positive men on the planet, but even he knows his team can’t afford to keep squandering opportunities against playoff-caliber teams.

“That’s sort of been the theme lately, lately meaning the last few weeks,” Black said. “We just haven’t seen the string of big hits with a couple of baserunners on base. We need that to turn around as we move forward.”

The statistics are sobering. Since July 22, the Rockies have hit .228 overall, with a .296 on-base percentage. Their batting average with runners in scoring position is .168, and they have whiffed 36 times in 119 at-bats with RISP (30 percent).

Wednesday, Ryan McMahon’s single drove in Nolan Arenado to get Colorado within a run in the eighth inning with one out. But with Trevor Story perched on third base, pinch-hitter Ian Desmond struck out and Chris Iannetta hit a 106.8 mph scorching grounder that second baseman Adam Frazier gobbled up for the final out.

“I pretty much hit that as hard as I can, but we got nothing to show for it,” Iannetta said. “At that moment, I’m a spectator. It’s like, ‘I did my job with my bat.’ But then I watch like everyone else and you just feel down and disappointed it didn’t get through.”

Rockies starter German Marquez’s afternoon was a curious combination of power pitching mixed with episodes of poor command. In six innings, the right-hander gave up 10 hits, leading to three Pittsburgh runs. Yet Marquez also struck out the side in the fourth inning, needing only nine pitches to pull off the second “immaculate inning” in franchise history.

Marquez whiffed 10, but another rocky start put Colorado behind early. Pittsburgh scored two runs in the first inning on four hits, the key blows an RBI double by Gregory Polanco and an RBI single by Colin Moran. The Rockies have given up 100 runs in the first inning this season, the most in the majors, and have posted a 7.74 first-inning ERA, the highest in the majors. Marquez’s slow starts — his first-inning ERA is 10.17 — continue to haunt him.

Colorado Rockies Tickets


Five Broncos to watch in Saturday’s preseason opener


Kickoff: 7 p.m. Saturday.

Where: Broncos Field at Mile High.

TV: KTVD-20.

Programmer: 850 AM, 94.2 FM and also 103.5 FM

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Five Broncos to watch

1. Bradley Chubb

The Broncos should extend Chubb’therefore playing time past the two possessions to the unit. Transitioning from a 4-3 defensive end to a 3-4 strongside linebacker at the bottom package means Chubb should take extra snaps so he can be accustomed to the policy and responsibilities in the run game once Seattle visits Week 1.

2. Paxton Lynch

The backup quarterback project remains his to lose, therefore Lynch shouldn’t give trainer Vance Joseph a chance to open up the contest. Lynch could get two-plus quarters to show the coaching staff and front office that they don’t must invest Sunday calling a veteran free agent passer or another team to inquire about a transaction. The Broncos’ expect that Lynch is he plays better than he practices.

3. DeMarcus Walker

Back at his natural defensive end location and back up to his organic 280 pounds, Walker is vying for a turning place as a backup end and sub-package interior pass rusher. He wants a successful preseason to prove he can be part of their game-day mix. “The matches will tell a story,” Joseph stated. “Live soccer and shooting on double-team cubes will be large for him along with his size gap (from last year). ”

4. Brendan Langley

A third-round pick in 2017, Langley probably starts the game component of training camp since the first time cornerback. The Broncos signed veteran Tramaine Brock and drafted Isaac Yiadom this offseason; Yiadom, in particular, has outplayed Langley. Joseph was back in his analysis of Langley on Thursday, stating he had a “OK week. ” He also needs to be better-than-OK and quickly.

5. DaeSean Hamilton

Hamilton has been semi-lost in the shuffle during camp because of Courtland Sutton’s star turn along with the unexpected play of River Cracraft and Tim Patrick. But Hamilton is making this group and he will use a solid August for a big portion of the game program come September. We’d love to watch him play with Keenum on Saturday because Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders don’t need much work.

About the Vikings

Last year: 13-3 (initial in NFC North). Lost to Philadelphia in NFC title game.

Coach: Mike Zimmer (fifth season ).

Additions: QB Kirk Cousins (Washington), DT Sheldon Richardson (Seattle), QB Trevor Siemian (Broncos) and also LG Tom Compton (Chicago)

Departures: QB Case Keenum (Broncos), QB Sam Bradford (Arizona), QB Teddy Bridgewater (New York Jets) and RB Jerick McKinnon (San Francisco).

Outlook: Cousins creates his Vikings debut together with fresh offensive coordinator John DeFillippo, formerly Philadelphia’s qquarterback’scoach. … The league’s top-ranked defense in yards (275.9) and scoring (15.8) returns 10 starters and added Richardson. … The Vikings’ offensive lineup, however, needs sorting out. LG Nick Easton (neck) is headed to injured reserve and C Pat Elfelin is rehabbing a foot injury sustained last year and RG Mike Remmers hasn’t practiced since July 31.

What are your thoughts on the new stadium sign?

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Pirates rout Rockies with two big innings, spoiling Chad Bettis’ return to the rotation

Rockies manager Bud Black said Monday that he was confident in where Chad Bettis was, heath-wise and stuff-wise, as the right-hander returned to the majors from a finger blister that had sidelined him since July 3.

But Tuesday’s blowout at the hands of Pittsburgh showed Bettis — slotted back into the starting rotation in the wake of Antonio Senzatela‘s shoulder soreness — hadn’t quite shaken off the rust indicated by the stat line of his last rehab start, a four-run, six-inning outing last week for Triple-A Albuquerque.

BOX SCORE: Pirates 10, Rockies 2

The result was a 10-2 loss at Coors Field that was decided by two explosive Pirates innings, a four-run fourth and a five-run fifth, which turned the second game of the homestand into a prolonged snoozer.

“Chad, when he’s on, he hits the glove,” Black said. “I don’t think we saw the best of Chad today hitting the glove.”

Pittsburgh got on the board quickly in the first inning via Starling Marte’s 17th home run of the season to take a 1-0 lead, but Bettis put up zeros in the two innings after that as the clubs entered the fourth still separated by just one run.

But as Pirates right-hander Jameson Taillon cruised on his way to the first nine-inning complete game by an opponent at Coors Field since the Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw in 2013, Bettis came undone in the fourth.

Josh Harrison started the bleeding in the inning with a sacrifice fly to make it 2-0, and then Jordy Mercer hit a three-run homer 443 feet to center field to make it 5-0.

“I was really upset by those two walks in the fourth there that led to the home run by Mercer,” Bettis said. “Really, in those three at-bats, I didn’t execute the pitches that I wanted to.”

The tourniquet was only just being unraveled, however, after Black trotted Bettis back out for the fifth inning.

“The game wasn’t even halfway over yet, his pitch count was down and he threw a mistake pitch to Mercer — that was a back-breaker, no doubt,” Black said of the decision. “But down 5-0 after four, we have a chance to come back in that game. We don’t know what’s going to happen in the fifth, because we don’t have a crystal ball… (The thinking is) we send him back out, and hopefully he puts up a zero or two.”

But the results were less than ideal, as the right-hander surrendered three additional runs before being spelled by Jake McGee with two outs.

Before McGee could get the Rockies out of the frame, Harrison furthered the damage by hitting a two-run dinger to push Pittsburgh’s advantage to 10-0 and send many purple-clad fans immediately streaming for the exits.

Taillon then continued to work around traffic, as Colorado finished 1-for-12 with runners in scoring position while leaving seven runners stranded. One of the lone bright spots was Charlie Blackmon‘s 1,000th career hit, a single in the sixth.

“He had all his pitches working all night — a great running fastball going away from lefties and into right-handers at mid-90s, a great cutter with a slider and a good curveball,” Carlos Gonzalez said. “We were able to put up a lot of traffic, but pitched a really good game and he was still able to go the distance because he didn’t use a lot of pitches.”

The Colorado offense finally produced in the eighth, but Gonzalez’s two-RBI double in the frame was far from enough to get the Rockies (60-53) back into the ballgame.

“It’s a tough loss, but tomorrow we have an opportunity to win a series,” Gonzalez said.

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Mark Schmocker Reveals All with Behind the Scenes Documentary on Electronic Music Producers

It’s always an exciting prospect to find a documentary which changes your opinion and opens your insight to a further dimension especially when it is something which is so close to you as electronic music. With the arrival of his short documentary ‘In Perspective’, Mark Schmocker offers viewers a revolutionary experience for electronic music lovers. Giving a behind the scenes look into a new music generation. A generation which features the prominence of the rising home producer and DJ. This short documentary follows Mark all through his adventures in: Australia, Europe, US and Canada. Capturing his experiences and memories as Mark visits different homes and studios to reveal the more profound identities, emotions and lives of performers and how this dynamic new lifestyle evolves through their sound and creative process.

The 25-minute video features electronic industry heavyweights including: Adventure Club, Elephante, Just A Gent, Two Friends, Didrick, Hellberg and Exit Friendzone. This documentary offers an incredibly insightful and real life understanding for anyone who has paid interest, works or produces within the music industry. Offering a raw image of how producers operate delving into their ‘off camera’ normal lifestyle which may contradict those classic EDM hype images we see broadcasted so often. Mark comments on his intention to capture this real image of EDM scene:

“I had this idea and knew I wanted to basically capture them as people as opposed to artists. [I wanted to] explore their everyday life rather than just the glamour,”

Enjoy Mark’s natural interactions and real image of the EDM scene below:


var VUUKLE_EMOTE_SIZE = “90px”;

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Mark Schmocker Reveals All with Behind the Scenes Documentary on Electronic Music Producers

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Tyler, The Creator Drops Amazing Self Directed Music Video For “See You Again”

Ever since Tyler, The Creator debuted his self directed music video for “Yonkers” back in 2012, he’s shown that he can be one of the best in front of (and behind) the camera. His ridiculous videos for tracks like “She,” “Rella,” “OKRA,” and “Who Dat Boy” have all been seriously impressive as well, so it’s fair to say that we’re excited for any new video drop by Tyler.Today, Tyler dropped another self directed video of one of the best tracks off of his 2017 album Flower Boy, “See You Again.” He again comes through with yet another extraordinary music video with vibrant colors, creative concepts, and bizarre characters. Along with Tyler, Kali Uchis performs her verse in the video, and there’s also a brief cameo of A$AP Rocky.As per usual, Tyler concludes the video with another little video snippet of an additional track. This time he ends with an eerie clip of him performing “Where This Flower Blooms,” featuring Frank Ocean.Check out the video below and enjoy!

Tyler, The Creator – See You Again

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Browns rookie WR Antonio Callaway cited for marijuana possession

BEREA, Ohio — Antonio Callaway didn’t take long to run into trouble with the Browns.

The fourth-round draft pick and wide receiver from Florida, who arrived in Cleveland with a history of issues while in college, was cited early Sunday morning for marijuana possession and driving with a suspended license.

According to a report by police in Strongsville, Ohio, Callaway was pulled over in his car after he failed to yield to on oncoming traffic. Police found a “small amount” of marijuana and cited Callaway, who was stopped on a day off for Cleveland’s players at training camp.

To make matters worse, Callaway didn’t inform the Browns of his legal matter.

“I am surprised at this,” coach Hue Jackson said following Tuesday’s practice. “He has been great. We have had no slipups, no issues. This is a young player, who obviously made a bad decision or bad choice. I have to find out. Believe me, when we find out more of the facts, I will tell you straight out, exactly what it is when I know.”

The Browns selected Callaway in this year’s draft despite his checkered past. He was suspended last season for involvement in a credit card fraud case, and he provided a diluted urine sample at the NFL combine in February.

That offense caused teams to stay away from him, not the Browns.

In April, general manager John Dorsey said the team had “done extensive background” checks on Callaway. At the time, Dorsey, who joined the Browns in December, felt assured that Jackson and receivers coach Adam Henry would be able to mold him and keep him out of trouble.

“I’m still confident in that,” Jackson said. “I think what John said is absolutely right and I support him 100 percent. We’ve been fortunate over the last couple of years where we haven’t had things crop up.

“I truly believe in our process and how we go about it and how we talk about things. So, again, this is something I’m glad is happening now so we can deal with it and move forward. I think our locker room understands how we handle business. This young man will definitely understand how we handle business, too.”

Jackson said he wants to learn more about Callaway’s situation before commenting on whether the team will discipline the 21-year-old. Jackson said he has spoken to Callaway “quite a bit” about his behavior.

“This is surprising to me,” he said. “He is a young guy. Here is something that had happened and we have to deal with it. To understand it first, before I talk about consequences or anything, is important.”

Callaway was already in Stage 1 of the league’s abuse program because of his diluted sample. He could be subject to a fine because of this infraction.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said, “The matter will be reviewed under the NFL-NFLPA substances of abuse policy.”

Callaway’s off the field problems at Florida were extensive.

In 2017, he was cited for marijuana possession as a passenger in a car driven by a known felon. Callaway pleaded no contest to possession of drug paraphernalia and was fined.

A year earlier, he was accused of sexual assault, prompting the university to suspend him while the incident was investigated. Callaway eventually was found not responsible during a student code of conduct hearing, but he acknowledged under oath he was high on marijuana at the time of the alleged assault.

Callaway’s driving infraction came hours before the Browns traded disappointing wide receiver Corey Coleman to Buffalo. That move caused the team to elevate Callaway, who has had an impressive training camp, into the starting lineup before Thursday’s exhibition opener at the New York Giants.

The Browns released a statement saying they were aware of Callaway’s citation and “are in the process of gathering more information and will comment further at the appropriate time.”

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And while they’re dealing with Callaway, the Browns are still waiting for former All-Pro Josh Gordon, who is away from the team to deal with health issues. Gordon has been suspended multiple times by the NFL for violations of the league’s substance abuse policy.

Jackson said he still doesn’t know when Gordon will return.

“Josh is still doing what he needs to do,” Jackson said. “And again, he will be back at some point in time.”

Because of Gordon’s situation and the lack of experienced receiving depth, the Browns have also considered signing free agent receiver Dez Bryant, the former Pro Bowler released earlier this year by Dallas.

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